Our Basecamp program is strategically designed by our MTN RDY Sport Coaches, Physical Therapist and Strength Coach for those who are looking to get more serious about their sport with solid structure in place, providing a well rounded conditioning and on-mountain experience. Basecamp programs come in 90 day training blocks. These have been specifically programmed and designed by our team to optimize your performance. We offer (6) different Basecamp training programs.

The goal is to provide better context for someone interested in the Basecamp program to decide if it truly fits both their needs goals-wise AND that they have the proper physical base going into the particular training block that they purchase.  Each training block for sale assumes a particular fitness base.  

We can say with assurity that these plans are not written for someone training for an ultra that is 50 miles or longer.  The volume is not enough.  The In-season high volume plan (which would be the highest volume plan of all of them) averages 6:30 hours per week and that is the bare minimum we would recommend for someone training for a 50k race.  The weekend long runs are not sufficient for an ultra.  We offer 6 different basecamp programs for running.

Who they ARE for:

1) Someone who likes doing short community trail races without a specific time goal.  

2) Someone who may not have a particular race goal in mind but is simply trying to become a better runner.  

3) Someone who hasn't decided which races they are going to do yet but would like to start training now to be ready to jump in to some of them closer to in-season.  

4) Someone who like completing several races during the summer but doesn't really prioritize the performance of one race over another.  aka the weekend warrior or casual racer.

5) Someone who doesn't need accountability or adjustments made to their program as they train.

6) Someone who is on a tighter budget.  

Who they are NOT for:

1) Someone who is training for an ULTRA that is 50 miles or longer

2) Someone who is looking for a personalized program

3) Someone who has a very particular race goal

4) Someone looking to incorporate all MTN RDY coaches into their program

Get the Details on Each of our Six Programs

How do they stack up? And which is best for you? Take a look so you can make an informed decision.

Photo: @hilarymayberyphoto

Photo: @hilarymayberyphoto

I take my training very seriously. Strong muscles are the best braces. Before MTN RDY, I had multiple season-ending injuries. A training program that’s not only off-season but also year-round is critical. A custom program with remote consultation is ideal considering my busy and active lifestyle. My program is targeted for long days hiking up mountains, steep ski lines, and snowmobile muscles. I genuinely recommend this program.
— Amy David, MTN RDY Athlete

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