Dealing with GI Distress

I often hear the horror stories of things going awry during a long run or race.  If you’ve raced long enough, I’m sure you’ve experienced at least a little of what I’m referring too - often affectionately called “runner’s gut”.  And if you haven’t, it’s likely going to happen at some point or another.  In fact, GI issues was the top reason that runners gave for dropping out of ultra distance trail races during a recent survey.  So while they are very common, most of these issues are actually avoidable.  Did you know your stomach and intestines are made of muscle too?  So just like most of the muscles that we train during MTN RDY Run programming, you can actually train your stomach and intestines to better handle the digestion process while running.  So the good news take away from a topic as unpleasant as GI distress is that while you may have experienced these issues, a few tweaks to your training and fueling routine can both eliminate them and teach your body to avoid them in the future.  

Coach K