Those Dang Blisters

There are few things I can think of more miserable than trying to run with a blister on your foot.  I used to deal with them quite often in my freshman year of trail running.  The most common causes for blisters are heat, moisture and friction.  Some of these factors can be completely eliminated by quality socks, properly fitted shoes, staying well hydrated and good running mechanics.  Unfortunately things like sweating, trail dust or debris and water crossings are sometimes beyond our control.  If you are like me, that first year of training can be more painful than it needs to be.  While prevention is ideal, having a blister kit handy in your car or hydration pack can be a life saver (or should I say foot saver?)  These are available at most big box retailers like Walmart or any running store.  But it can get better!  The longer you train and more exposure to gradual friction you give your feet, the less susceptible your skin is to blistering.  It’s been years since I’ve had to deal with those dang blisters, knock on wood.

Tailwinds, Coach K