What Makes An Athlete

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I will learn” - Ben Franklin

What is an ATHLETE? This is a question that gets thrown around and can be ambiguous.

From our standpoint - everyone is an athlete. We do not have a pro division. We do not have a rookie division. Everyone in our program has access to all of our coaches and all of our services. Our athletes are intimately involved in the process. From your first run/bike to a seasoned veteran. Our job is to help you discover your strengths and build on your weaknesses. Every athlete starts from square one no matter your background. We take you through the complete process step by step and give you the structure, programming, community, and accountability you will need and provide an open space for communication.

MTN RDY Dictionary - Noun -

MTN RDY Athlete

1. One who participates in desired activity of one’s choosing.

2. One who has the desire to take care of one’s whole body, take time for one’s self, take care of one’s soul through mindfullness, and give themselves to their sport of choice in the outdoors through a team of expert coaches in the field of strength, physical therapy, mental preparation, skiing, biking, and running.

Throughout the next couple months you will hear from our community in regards to how they define athlete. Every has a different obstacle, a different past, a different goal.

What is an athlete to you?