Celebrate the Process: Keeping a Training Journal

A lot of our drive to stick with a training program like Mtn Rdy derives from being able to see our individual progress over time.  When we can see progress being made, we are able to celebrate the process and feel a sense of accomplishment and validate that our sacrifice has been worth the cost.  On the contrary, if we aren’t seeing progress - whether that is because no progress is being OR we simply have no way to know if we are making progress then we become discouraged and more often than not fall short of hitting the goals we set for ourselves.  

While an athlete within the Mtn Rdy training programs will have periodic assessments that allow them to measure their progress, I recommend keeping a training journal to document all of the improvements you may notice along the way.  This could be something as easy as a notepad to write down a few thoughts after each workout. Having a weekly check in with a coach is one way that you can document and track what has been working or not working for you that week. Weekly check ins with coaches are part of the Mtn Rdy program.  Improvements don’t always have to be physical in nature. How have you improved mentally, emotionally, or spiritually in addition to those physical assessments? Our goal within the Mtn Rdy wheelhouse is to create a better version of you as a whole. Keeping a training journal will keep you on the right track.  

Run Smart,
Coach K