Coaches are the New Doctors

"Everyone can choose their own path, but what we chose is going after creating an honor to the fitness coach. We believe that will be the path that will be one thing that we can hold onto and control. That will make me sleep well at night knowing I am going after the face of fitness by going through the coach and making them change their language. We have to tell coaches to have fulfillment long term which eventually changes the language and fitness landscape."
- James Fitzgerald

At MTN RDY, we are fiercely aligned with this line of thinking. Strength, movement, food, and mental training are the new medicine. After a long conversation with James "OPT" we chatted about creating a true honor to be a fitness coach again. We have many stipulations of the fitness coach and generally get stereotyped. Our goal is to always hang our heads high as proud practitioners in an industry of health and wellness. Free enterprise and a lack of a governing body allow for free enterprise which is wonderful for entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business. However, exercise should be treated as if you are seeking a medical practitioner. Is he/she qualified? Do they have results BUILDING and MAINTAINING? What is their education? ETC. Once we start setting higher expectations for those from whom we seek guidance, this helps elevate an industry. Installing a health and wellness protocol is a serious thing and will serve as a platform for how you live your life. 

Over the last 13 years of being intimately involved in the health/wellness and fitness industry I am often asked what I "think" of other fitness programs that consistently come up locally and globally. My response is always the same. In every industry, you have incredible coaches and coaches that need more practice and mentorship. This is the same in every sport and practice whether it be basketball, cooking, or manning a tractor trailer. 

Take the time to listen to this Podcast with James Fitzgerald - He is a gift to the fitness industry and sets a new standard for coaches and those looking to grow their overall well being.