Personal Culture

Culture is defined as the set of “shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization,” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).  We commonly refer to culture in business or other organizations.  We tend to do business with companies who model a culture of reliability, honesty, competence, service and integrity.  They deliver what was promised on time and for the agreed upon cost.  These same attributes are also prized in our close, personal relationships.  We trust and want to be around people who are honest, reliable, keep commitments and are concerned with the needs of those other than themselves.  

While we look for these qualities in the people around us, do we hold ourselves to the same standards?  “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time, even when it may work to your disadvantage. Integrity is keeping your word. Integrity is that internal compass and rudder that directs you to where you know you should go when everything around you is pulling you in a different direction,” (Tony Dungy).  Do we have integrity with ourselves?  If I say I’m going to get up and train before work tomorrow because I know it’s the only time it will happen, do I have the personal integrity to get out of bed and make it happen?  A promise made to yourself is just as important as a promise made to your training partner.  The decisions you make every day when no one is watching shape your character and are what truly define you as a person.  Be the person you say you are.

Stay Strong,