Quick Tip for Still Squatting While Working to Improve Flexibility

Squatting is one the foundational human movements.  As the parent of a two-year-old, I can attest that humans develop this ability without any coaching.  At one point in our life, we all had this movement mastered.  The problem is between being a baby and adulthood this thing called life happens.  Injuries, decreasing flexibility, range of motion limitations, imbalances, sitting too much, and advancing age all catch up with us.  While we are working to clean up all of the issues that keep us from squatting like a baby, one simple tip can help you.  Elevate your heels.  A pair of 10 pound plates or a short length of 2x4 will do the trick.  Range of motion issues at the ankle often cause issues at other joints when trying to squat.  By simply elevating the heels, most athletes are able to achieve a more upright posture and hit better depth in the squat.  Soon you’ll be the envy of the gym hitting the deep squat that others can only dream of.

Stay Strong,