Running Form: Foot Plant vs. Foot Strike

There is a lot of talk about proper or superior foot strike. I’m sure you’ve heard of heel striking, mid and forefoot striking.  In my opinion, it matters less whether you land toward the front of the foot or the rear.  What is more important is making sure your foot lands under your body as opposed to landing out in front of you (overstriding).  Overstriding can cause more injury and less running efficiency than foot strike. Runners can overstride with a forefoot plant as well as a heel plant. The key is to focus on landing under you and pushing behind you.  When pushing off from the ground, think about pushing harder down and behind as opposed to reaching out in front to go faster.  As your foot plant form improves and you land closer to underneath your body, your foot strike will start to self correct if one way or the other has led to injury in the past.  

Coach K