Save a Friendship, Bring a Towel

Here’s a quick trailrunner life hack: always have a towel with you in the car.  We all know what it’s like when your shoes are caked in mud (signs of a good time) and you step into the car.  The simple solution to this is removing your shoes before you get in. But what if you’ve got a bad case of stinky socks?  It happens to the best of us but I’d dare say I’d choose a little mud in the car over smelling feet the whole ride home. Throwing a towel on the floor of the car can solve this dilemma pretty easily.

Here’s another scenario: you’re carpooling with some friends to the trailhead for a good long group run.  Once the run is done and you’re all sweaty, you hop in your friend’s car and let his/her chairs soak up all your sweat.  Not cool. I always keep a towel in the trunk of my car so that I can use it in my own car AND remember to grab it and throw it in my friend’s car to save his chairs and floor when they offer to drive.  So don’t be THAT guy - bring a towel.

Coach K