The Lost Art of Off Season

I have noticed a trend (mostly among uncoached athletes) of not taking time for a recovery cycle or off season after a big race or training season.  Often athletes can get away with this for a few seasons, but over time this will lead to burnout, overtraining, and possible injury.  Runners may also reach a performance plateau after a few races and fall well short of their true running potential, simply because they don’t allow a proper recovery phase.  I can understand the worry that taking a “break” from regular training will lead to being “out of shape”.  The goal of a well-structured recovery cycle or off season is to maintain a good base while allowing the body to deload and the mind to rejuvenate.  Training doesn’t have to stop completely but should look quite different from a regular training block.  The benefits far outweigh the losses in fitness.  At MTN RDY, we as coaches lay out an annual training plan that allows for a good recovery cycle because we know that in the long run you will be a better, stronger and happier runner.  

Coach K