The Value of a Warm Up

“A lion never warms up before he chases a gazelle.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement used as an explanation to why a warm up is a waste of time.  Well, you aren’t a lion and utilizing a proper warm up can be the difference between a good training session and just getting through it.  Some of the benefits are listed below:

▪ Increased body temperature, which leads to increased rates of energy production

▪ Greater utilization of fats for energy production earlier in the workout, which extends the time you can train at a high-intensity

▪ Increased blood flow and oxygen available to working muscles

▪ Increases range of motion of muscles and joints

▪ Increased speed of muscle contraction/relaxation

The bottom line is all of these benefits lead to performance improvements.  Improved performance leads to better results where it matters most-on the slope, on the trail, or in the saddle.