The Why of In-Season Training for Skiing

Now that touring season is here you may be tempted to ditch off mountain training all together.  Why it can certainly be tempting to leave resistance training and conditioning for the next several months, doing nothing but skiing can decrease your on-mountain performance, increase your risk of injury and possibly compromise your long term development as a skier.  Keep in mind:

  • Well-developed physical qualities are associated with a reduced risk of injury.  In other words, the stronger and fitter you the less likely you are to be injured.  

  • Inconsistent training leads to inconsistent results.  If you cease training from December to April each year, your body will detrain.  This cycle will lead you to work for the next eight months to obtain the same level of fitness and strength you had going into the previous touring season, meaning you never actually improve.

In my next blog post I’ll explain the how of in-season training.

Stay Strong,