Tricks of the Trade: The Car Closet

After learning the hard way more times than I can remember from getting to the trailhead only to realize I have forgotten something really important (like trail shoes - yes, this happens), I finally got smart and started my car closet.  Basically I have a small plastic tote that stays in the back of my car all the time with a few running essentials.  Believe me, it has saved me a few times during a dumb moment or even for a spur of the moment run.  It does mean that you have to invest in double of a few things but I have found it worth the few extra bucks.  You don’t have to use a plastic tote, it could be as simple as a bag.  Some of the items I keep in my car closet are:

  • Extra shoes. (I throw a pair of my more worn out shoes in there that wouldn’t hurt a few more miles on them so I don’t have to invest in a brand new pair that will mostly sit unused).

  • A few energy gels and protein bars.

  • A few bottles of water.

  • A handheld hydration bottle. (I prefer a hydration pack but a handheld is inexpensive and easy to justify as an extra item “just in case”).

  • Extra socks.

  • Long sleeve shirt.

  • Extra headlamp.

You get the idea.  Tailor your car closet to your specific needs and don’t be left at the trailhead without a pair of shoes ever again!

Coach K