Importance Of Finding The Right PT For You

Physical Therapy can take many forms depending on the therapist. There are therapists who solely incorporate manual therapy techniques, while others are directed by evidence-based techniques. No single therapist is going to be the best therapist for everyone. I’ve heard it said often from clients that they had a “bad” therapist and I’m sure that’s actually true in some cases but mostly I believe that they didn’t work with the “right” therapist for them. I have friends who would much rather lay on a body workers table than be given any form of therapeutic exercise. Myself, it’s taken a few years as a practicing PT to be able to sense who is going to jive with my practice style and who isn’t. I’ve also learned the practice style of others in my community so that I can better refer those clients out rather than them having a “bad” therapist experience. It’s their time as well as mine and waste it I shall not. Finding the right PT for you can keep you steadily improving. The right PT will moderate for you, YOUR healing process. Physical Therapists are experts in healing the musculoskeletal system, which can sometimes produce a complicated set of symptoms. As an expert in musculoskeletal management I can say with confidence that consistency is key.