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Two Layering Methods for Cold Weather Training

Training outdoors throughout the winter can be a challenge to our mental and physical capacity on many levels. The days are shorter. Our bodies crave the long sunny days of spring and summer. Finding the motivation to get outdoors on dark winter days is hard enough. Add in the temperature factor and many of us retreat to the indoor life of treadmills and trainers. Would you spend more time outside if you could prepare your body for the extremes of winter?

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Don’t Let Your Core Temperature Drop: Change Your Base Layers

I was so close to having the race of my life 2 years ago.  I had made my way up to 2nd place female during a 100 mile trail race and had been able to comfortably hold my position all day and night.  My training had paid off and I was able to execute pacing and fueling according to plan. It was a fluke weather race for the history books with a blizzard and tornado (yes, a tornado in Utah) that hit the day before the race.

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