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Uphill Battle

When anyone compliments my skiing, I want to hug them and cry. Sometimes I just give the hug and pause until the frog in my throat retreats. Nothing frees up — or focuses — every cell in my body like leaning into a nice, fast turn. Nothing pairs free-wheeling giddiness with the immediate necessity of reading and evaluating a backcountry snowpack.

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I’m not talking nature’s four seasons, I’m talking as an athletic performance season. As athletes we are really good at training and over training and less likely to take breaks for fear of detraining or decreasing our training benefits. We all know that recovery is just as important as training itself. So how much is too much? Or, how much is enough?

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Coaches are the New Doctors

"Everyone can choose their own path, but what we chose is going after creating an honor to the fitness coach. We believe that will be the path that will be one thing that we can hold onto and control. That will make me sleep well at night knowing I am going after the face of fitness by going through the coach and making them change their language. We have to tell coaches to have fulfillment long term which eventually changes the language and fitness landscape."
- James Fitzgerald

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