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Stop Looking at the Scale

I have always struggled with the dichotomy of achieving a desired weight on the scale and achieving a specific performance goal with my running.  That’s not to say that hitting a certain “race weight” has its benefits in your performance (optimal VO2max for one). The problem with my past obsession with the scale is that I found myself restricting my calories in order to lose weight during my training season.  There are two problems with this:

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Weight Loss vs Power Gain, the Struggle is Real

As an endurance athlete, you’ve likely have experienced the simple physics that body weight can have on performance. The concept seems simple: the more or less you weigh, the more or less energy it takes to ride, run, ski, etc. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve, let alone to know what weight is best for your body, your gender, your goals, etc. The purpuse of this quick article is to help YOU determine your ideal power:weight (P:W) so you can feel strong without putting yourself at risk of being malnourished.

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