Hit the Dirt with the Right MTB for You!

Starting the conversation on which mountain bike is right for you can lead to serious
indecision and confusion. XC, Enduro, Downhill, 29er, 27.5, Plus wheel sizing, Boost,
carbon, aluminum…arggghhhh! Not only are you dealing with the variety of brands,
models and wheel sizes in each sub-discipline of off road cycling, you’ve got to figure
out how much money to spend!

A frequent question people ask when considering a new bike purchase is how much
they should spend. That’s a significant consideration since there is such a broad
spectrum in pricing. Really the first place to start is by understanding which bike is
going to best meet the demands of your preferred style of riding as well as properly
sizing the bike.

What is your favorite terrain when you’re on the bike? Do you spend more time
shuttling to the top of your favorite technical descent? Or do you enjoy the hour long
winding singletrack climb? These are some of the first questions to answer. Within
each MTB type there is a broad range of pricing, from entry level ~$1K on up
towards the $10K+ range.

Once you’ve decided your favored discipline it’s time to start thinking about the
looming price tag decision and where to focus your budget. Regardless of price,
however, is making sure you take time to understand which size is right for you. A
bike that is too big will leave you searching for the right balance front to back while
descending. On the other end, a bike with too little reach to the bars or that won’t
accommodate your leg extension.

Keep an eye out for future installments regarding bike selection. We’ll talk to a
variety of riders to find out why they made their particular bike selection.
Get out and ride!