The How of In-Season Training for Skiing

In my last blog post I explained the why behind in-season ski training.  Here are a few principles to apply in order to maximize your performance on the mountain.  

  • Don’t major in the minors.  Focus on big movements, not muscles.  Skiing is a total body activity.  Train your body the same way.  Use exercises that require contributions from multiple joints and muscles at once (Squats, deadlifts, presses, pullups).  You’ll be more time efficient and maintain strength better than with lots of sets for lots of different body parts.
  • Keep training sessions short and intense.  20-40 minutes is more than enough time to hit the important things.  Intense doesn’t mean a workout leaves you in a pile on the ground panting for the next half an hour while you see stars.  Intensity refers to the percentage of your maximum.  Aim to keep your lifting at 80+% for less than 1-3 sets of 4 reps.  Energy system work should follow the same guidelines: short, intense sessions to maintain your fitness capabilities.
  • Leave a little in the tank.  You should leave in-season training sessions feeling like you could do more. If you crush yourself in the gym, you won’t have anything left for the mountain.


Stay Strong,