What is MTN RDY? 
At MTN RDY, we develop individualized training programs based on results from our initial testing period. Our programming includes specified warm-ups and sequential progressions in strength and sport-specific programs to perfect technique and prevents injury. MTN RDY training programs include structured progressions in strength and power development, physical therapy (recovery), and endurance for your specific sport whether it be skiing, biking, or running. We will not stop searching for the best way to combine them all to build the most well-rounded athlete possible.


Who is MTN RDY for? 
MTN RDY is for the Skier, Biker, or Runner that is looking for a well-balanced program combining Strength Training, Sport Specific Training, Mindfulness Practice, and Recovery Principles. Every program is built by specialized coaching in each discipline to provide the most well-rounded program available for MTN athletes. You do not have to be an ELITE athlete to work with MTN RDY. Everyone starts from square one as we teach you HOW to train. We need to walk before we can sprint. 

We are for the weekend warrior looking for accountability and expert coaching from the best coaching in every field. We recruited the best coaches in every field with proven experince to change the way we train to build strong minds and bodies for their outdoor sport. 


How does MTN RDY work? 
At MTN RDY, we deliver your workouts to you online. 

We take into account all of your feedback and strength and endurance metrix to build you sequential programs for your goals.

Every movement has an attached video and explanation provided by our team. Also, you have a consistent feedback loop and communication piece built in with your coaches. Every athlete has access to all of our coaches 24/7. The relationship between coach and client is paramount to success. You receive

  • Daily workouts (Sport Specific - Ski, Bike, Run), Strength, Recovery, and Mindfulness Pieces curated by our team
  • Weekly Check-In with your Sport Coach (Ski - Scott, Bike - Dave, Run - Kenzie) 
  • 24/7 Access to your Private FB Group - Every Sport has a Private Group to connect with Coaches and other Athletes in your program 
  • Access to PT and Nutrition Servies 


Do I need to be an Advanced Athlete to sign up for MTN RDY? 
No! You do not need to be an elite athlete. We specialize with clients in the "middle" of the bell curve. We incorporate all training principles to teach you HOW to train and are obsessed with perfecting our methods. How we communicate with our clients is paramount to the success of the program. MTN RDY is a 2-way street. We hold our clients to high standards of communication as we hold ourselves to high standards as well. 


How will I be successful in the program? 
This is a 2 - way street. Every Coach has proven training principles albeit, we need consistent communication and feedback so you can have optimal results in your program. We take the time to build these assessments and programs so you can be at your best. If you are not able to complete a day of programming, we need to know. There is a dual accountability so you we can perform. Training your mind is a large component of this program. Also, through your private Facebook group, you have 24/7 access to all of our coaches and other clients in your program to build community have have any question answered in regards to training, nutrition, mobility, etc. 

Your weekly individual check-ins are vital. This helps us streamline your progression and have coaching meetings to adjust any and every part of your program accordingly whether that be strength, recovery, sport sport training, and nutrition. 


Who is this for?

  • If you're a Skier, Biker, or Runner that was a wel rounded comprehensive program built by experts to imporve every aspect of your game
  • If you've tried tons of other programs and left injured or just didn't get that much better
  • If you're a "weekend warrior" looking to level up 
  • If you have 60-90 minutes a day to train


How exactly is this program individualized, and how is it not?

We don't have ONE person designing your workouts. We have an entire team of experts in every discicpline that make a program for you and others with similar strengths and weaknesses.

All sport specific workouts come with personalized paces and zones designed by your run, bike, and ski coach so you can train at or around your correct zone. Every coach has their own system to pace accordingly.

You will check-in with your sport coach weekly, and he/she will give you feedback, tips, corrective exercises, etc. based on how your week went.

From within the private Facebook group, you can have videos analyzed and get tips, tricks and advice from our other coaches and athletes.


What does a typical day look like?
Each workout includes a warmup, video for each movement for the day, mobility videos built into your program by our PT (Carrie Cooper DPT), and a personalized endurance map for all endurance sessions.


You will begin your program the first Monday after signing up, and you will receive programming the Sunday before.


Who will my coach be?
Your coach will be dependent on your program. For Skiing, your coach is University of Utah Strength Coach, Scott Willis. For biking, your Coach is Plan 7 Endurance Coach Dave Harward and for Running, your Coach is THE Kenzie Barlow. (See BIOS on Homepage). Also, working with MTN RDY is Physical Therapist and Professional CLimber specizlises in Outdoor Athlets Carrie Cooper DPT and Dietician Breanne Nalder. 


How does Billing Work?
All memberships are a 30 day minimum commitment. When you sign up, your credit card is put on auto-pay and will be billed monthly. If you wish to cancel after the 1 month minimum, all you need to do is email us at admin@mountainreadyfit.com at least 10 days prior to your next auto-payment to let us know to cancel your subscription going forward.


What happens if I get injured?
We do our best to make sure the programming is well balanced and no one gets hurt. However, people do get injured from time to time. If that happens to you we have a few options.

  • We can set you up with a consultation with our Physical Therapist, Carrie Cooper DPT from Rev PT
  • Your coach can give you subs for the programming to work around the injury.
  • We can put your account on hold.


How many days a week is the program?
The program is 6 days per week, and Sunday is always a complete rest day. We have 2 days that are built in as Active Recovery Days that are less strenuous on your body.


How long to training sessions take?
Training, even on recovery days will take anywhere from 45 - 75 minutes. As you progress in program, your Running, Biking, and Skiing will increase by 45 - 120 Minutes. 


Will I need to supplement anything else with this?
We would not suggest supplementing anything else with this program other than recovery type work. This programming is the collaboration of experts in their different fields. We are confident that this is the absolute fastest way for you to progress as an MTN Athlete. 


Can this program get me to an Elite level?
Hypotheticallty, yes albeit if we notice that you need a dramtic amount of more volume we can point you in the right direction for more channeled programming by one of our coaches.