MTN RDY Mission Statement 

At MTN RDY  - We are a company driven by the pursuit of maximum potential. We are all athletes. We pedal, run, ski, board, and paddle. We go outside and we play. The Mountains and water bring a sense of freedom to our lives and serve as much more than exercise, it’s therapy in it’s truest form. To get the most out of our bodies, it requires work. We develop athletes in the gym so they can get the most out of their bodies outside the gym. We are founded in mountain performance. We take a blend of weightlifting, proper eating, mobility, intentional programming, and rest days to push our bodies to the limit outside. We are sport specific. Climbers have different needs than bikers. We build well rounded athletes to excel in their sport/profession. The old adage of grinding it out in the gym is out the window. We have tangible goals.

This will not be the average training plan. We have been in the trenches. We get it. We also get that everyone has different backgrounds and different goals. We are outdoor athletes who have years of significant experience inside and outside of the gym with over 10,000 hours of coaching strength and conditioning and well over 10,000 outside on our bikes, skis, and in the water. We are an outdoor fitness company founded by outdoor practitioners, not just enthusiasts. We understand the grind. We understand the sacrifice. We know and understand pushing our physical and emotional boundaries. We want to understand and develop you as athletes so you can excel in your chosen recreation. We are committed to the details and committed to you. We are a fitness and well being lab