What is MTN RDY?

At MTN RDY, we develop individualized training programs based on results from our initial testing period. Our programming includes specified warm-ups and sequential progressions in strength and sport-specific programs to perfect technique and prevents injury. MTN RDY training programs include structured progressions in strength and power development, physical therapy (recovery), and endurance for your specific sport whether it be skiing, biking, or running. We will not stop searching for the best way to combine them all to build the most well-rounded athlete possible.


The trails can challenge us. As Mountain Athletes, we have many variables to adjust for. At MTN RDY, we bring together the most knowledgeable coaches in the fields of strength, skiing, biking, running, nutrition, and physical therapy to teach you HOW to train.  No two athletes are alike and no two athletes should train alike. Even two elite-level runners, bikers, or skiers in the same sport will need totally different programs. Training is not just physical. To prepare for whatever life or competition throws at you, you must train the inside and the outside, your mind, and your body. Knowing what you are capable of and not being afraid to push through the unknown will set you apart. Focus and strength, mental toughness and physical endurance all combined is MTN RDY. 

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

-John Muir