In-Season Low Volume Training


RUN RDY Basecamp - In Season Low Volume Training Plan

Description: A block of training designed for running athletes during their in season.  This plan assumes the athlete can complete runs of at least 2:00 hours in duration (either has completed the RUN RDY Pre Season Training Plan, or has been running a minimum of 4 hrs/week consistently for the last 2-3 months).  Emphasis is placed on maintenance of aerobic endurance, adequate recovery between higher volume weeks, improving trail running technique and working on race-specific demands.

Duration: 15 Weeks

Run Frequency: 5 days/week *option to remove one day of easy running per week to keep overall volume lower

Strength & Conditioning Frequency: 1 day/week with optional 2nd day

Weekly Run Volume: Lowest Week 4:45 Highest Week 6:30



  • Maintain long aerobic endurance.

  • Prepare for race-specific demands.

  • Practice uphill/downhilling technique.

  • Complete runs/races up to 3 hours in duration.

Strength and Conditioning:

  • To maintain strength and power gains from off and pre season training.

  • To maintain resistance to injury as running volume increases.

  • Equipment Needed

    • Dumb Bells, Kettlebells, Exercise Bands, Foam Roller