Callie Smith

My name is Callie Smith. I'm twenty-five years old, and am a former collegiate athlete for the University of Utah. While attending the university, I was lucky enough to have Scott Willis as my strength and conditioning coach. Not only is he a trainer who is passionate about his work, but he also takes care to tailor the workouts to each individual athlete in order to help reach the their goals and improve their physical strength and endurance to attain the highest level of performance possible.

Before I transferred to play tennis for the University of Utah, I worked with other strength and conditioning coaches who, I believed, were good at what they did. However, when it came to my performance in games, matches, or tournaments, I felt like it was going downhill. After an hour or so of playing on the court, I would begin to feel tired and worn out. I even dreaded the possibility of having to go into a third set because I knew that cramping and fatigue would set in. I always thought that it was just the way my body worked and that I needed to find a way to deal with it in order to get through the season. That was my mentality! Well, at least it was, until I transferred schools and was introduced to one of the best strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Utah--Scott M. Willis.

Once I began training with Willis everything changed, and my performance on the court improved drastically. I became stronger, faster, and more confident in my abilities and performance in practice and competition. I no longer experienced the cramping or felt fatigued after an extended match or tournament. My energy, stamina, strength, and endurance improved to the point where I felt as if I could compete for hours without "hitting a wall" or feeling the need to rest. Through his coaching, I was able to move faster on the court, hit the ball harder, change directions quicker, and physically last longer than most of my opponents. Having Willis as a coach and mentor definitely improved my performance as an athlete and changed my previous mentality and game for the better. 

Scott Willis also helped me reach the goals I set. Through his knowledge, experience, and expertise, he was able to create workouts that were structured to my own individual needs, which also translated over to meet the demands of my sport. Through his training and programs, I was taught correct technique in order to decrease chance of injury. In addition, my skills and agility were sharpened and refined, my strength and lean muscle mass increased, and my overall endurance improved; all of which helped to facilitate a superior level of performance that far surpassed my former abilities. 

Not only did I experience the positive results of his coaching, but I also witnessed the love, passion, and belief in the work he does, the programs he creates, and for the people he coaches. He cares about the health and success of his athletes, and has a genuine and sincere desire to help them obtain their goals and reach their highest potential. Furthermore, he has proved his knowledge, competence, qualifications, and proficiency time and time again through each consecutive improvement I witnessed in my personal performance. Through the positive coaching and training experiences I have had with Scott Willis, I am confident that he will, through his talent and expertise, help others realize their highest level of performance and competition, just as he did for me.

Callie Smith