"I recently qualified for and ran in the Boston Marathon. My ability to do this is a direct result of teaming up with Scott and following his training plan.

Wind back the clock two and a half years and I was a masters runner who had plateaued with this performance. After a number of close, but unsuccessful attempts, to run a Boston qualifying time I realized that time was running out and I needed a different approach.

At this point I contacted Scott and he developed a plan for me to train in the weight room to achieve my goals. I informed him of my perceived weaknesses and he put together a program that progressed at a level that coincided with my strength and confidence level in the gym. This was extremely important for me because I was a little intimidated about lifting weights again after a 20 plus year hiatus.

Scott's practical approach to gym work has been a perfect fit for my training. The fact that he has encouraged me to do what I can has been a perfect match for my personality.

We have focused on my specific needs, and worked on the theory of a long term, gradual approach to my fitness.

A few of my personal achievements in the last two and half years training with Scott:

  • Ran a personal best marathon time and qualified for the Boston Marathon.
  • Ran a personal best time in a 5K and won masters division in Salt Lake Running Company Race Series.
  • Ran a personal best time in a 10K and won the masters division at Salt Lake Running Company Race Series.
  • Have been able to stay injury free and increase my monthly mileage output."