Off-Season High Volume Training


Basecamp - Off Season High Volume Training Plan

Description: A block of training designed for running athletes during their off season.  A higher emphasis is placed on lower intensity training for aerobic development.  There are short periods of high intensity training to boost metabolism and increase running economy.  Expect overall lower running volume with higher volume strength and conditioning than during pre season and in season blocks.    

Duration: 12 Weeks

Run Frequency: 4 days/week

Strength & Conditioning Frequency: 3 days/week

Weekly Run Volume: Lowest Week 3:00 Highest Week 4:15



  • To allow physical and mental recovery from the training load of in season volume and/or build and maintain an aerobic running base to prepare you for pre season training.

  • Avoid acute and overuse injury by longer period recovery and lower intensity.

  • Increase running economy.

Strength and Conditioning:

  • To allow physical and mental recovery from in season running volume.

  • To develop a broad base of preparation in order to correct structural imbalances, build stabilizing strength and prepare, joints, muscles and tendons for higher intensities in the following training blocks.

  • Equipment needed:

    • Barbell, Exercise Bands, Kettlebells, Foam Roller, Dumb Bells, Pull Up Bar, Jump Rope