Now that you have signed up for MTN RDY, we are in the process of getting your FitBot account set up. We will email you a link and your login info for the app once within the next 24 hours and your program will start the Monday following the day you signed up. In the meantime review this welcome letter provided by your coach. A version of this welcome letter is available for download at the bottom of the page.

Hi and welcome to MTN RDY!

I’m Kenzie Barlow, but you can call me Coach K. I’ll be your check-in coach. First off, I want to welcome you to the MTN RDY Team! I hope that you’re as excited as I am to get you started. Below I’ve included some information on what you can expect from me, the rest of the coaches and could even be outside your programming!

Check In's

Here are the guidelines on what questions to answer each week and what your check-ins should look like. Let me know if you need anything and I’ll either answer your question directly, or connect you with another coach that can. Rather than approaching these check-ins as a training log, just give me a breakdown of your week and how I can help your training to be as beneficial as possible.
Here’s what your weekly check-in report should look like each week:

Here's what your weekly check-in report should look like each week:

1. What went well this week with your training? Why? (PR’s,consistency of training, time management, could even be outside of the gym.

2.What could have gone better with your training? Why? (missed sessions, under performance, outside training stress...)
3.How is your current mindset during your training/performance? Confident? Doubtful? Fearful? Why? Share your motivation levels. What impacts your motivation
4.How was your sleep this past week? Average hours per night? How was your nutrition this past week? Can you identify anything you know you need to work on?
5.Did you do any “extra” recovery work and what type? Did that work help you recover faster, make you feel better? (Massage, ART, Chiro, Cryotherapy, Ice baths, Epsom soaks, Foam Roll?)
6.Did your efforts in and out of the gym reflect your goals? (Be honest. If so keep it up!, If not, why not? How can I help?)

Last thing on check-ins, it is your responsibility to check-in with me. We don’t have software capable of alerting me when you don’t check-in.

Facebook Group + Other Coaches


Ok, so the first thing you should do is request access into the Facebook group. You can click here to join if you haven't already.


Next, at the top of the group there is a pinned post by Coach Kenzie Barlow that explains exactly how to use the group. It is very important to read those rules if you want to get feedback on your videos and advice from coaches.


Lastly, Click this link to request access to the MTN RDY Community Facebook page. Here you will be able to interact with every one of our MTN RDY members from all of our different programs. This page is to share your successes, hear from the entire MTN RDY coaching staff when we host Livecasts, and get to know the entire MTN RDY community. I highly encourage you to be active in the groups. Not only does it keep you accountable, but it encourages everyone else in the community as well. So introduce yourself on day 1 and make tons of new friends from all across the world. This will allow you to meet the rest of the MTN RDY community, interact with members, share your successes, and access Livecasts from the MTN RDY coaching staff. I highly recommend staying active in the groups. It helps keep you and everyone else accountable and is a great way to stay motivated.



If you haven't already, you are about to start your thorough assessment. This assessment phase consists of building a movement base, strength base, and a sport specific base. Also, check out the video in your FitBot Dashboard called “MTN RDY + FitBot Intro” to see what lies ahead in your immediate future, as well as the complete philosophy behind MTN RDY programming. A couple things that we will NOT do for your program: This program is not completely individualized; we will not change the program based on your schedule or around injuries. With that said, I am here to help you adapt this program to YOUR LIFESTYLE. So if we need to take some stuff away, add some rehab movements, etc. then we can do that via check-ins, as well as by connecting you to our various experts. I know there is a ton of new stuff to take in, and I'm sure you'll have questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask! I'll be here for you every step of the way.

-Coach K.