Summer Running: How to Adjust Training in the Heat

Training in the Summer can be both rewarding and hard.  Some of the best trail conditions are in the summertime, yet temperatures can really put a damper on motivation.  If you are training for a Fall race, here are some tips to consider for training in the heat:

  1. Your heart rate will increase much faster and higher than it normally would at a given pace in elevated temperatures.  On particularly hot days run by perceived effort over heart rate or pace and just try to match the same perceived effort you would have under normal conditions.  It is normal for pace to be slower on hot days.

  2. If you can only fit in a handful of your runs either early morning or late at night, try to plan ahead for the week by alotting those days to your harder effort sessions.  

  3. That being said, if you are training for a race that is known to be particularly hot then you may want to consider purposely fitting in a few heat training days to help your body adapt physically and mentally to the conditions.  Make sure those days are run at easy effort.

  4. Reduce warm up times for summertime.  Your core temperature will warm up much faster so less warm up time is needed.  You can add the time taken away from warm up to your cooldown.

  5. Rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate.  Increase the amount of water and electrolytes you normally take in.  If you aren’t good at monitoring your salt and water intake - now is the time to practice.  Don’t wait until race day to guess how much water and electrolyte your body needs in the heat.  

Coach K