Pre Workout Fueling

It’s 2 pm.  You know it’s coming.  Lunch was several hours ago and you are starting to feel hungry.  Plus, as soon as you get off work you are heading to they gym to get after a hard workout.  What can I eat now to help me prepare for my training session?

  • 3 Hours Out-focus on carbohydrates, aiming for 2g/lb of body weight.  As long as you aren’t eating high fat foods (think burger and fries)  the meal will have plenty of time to exit the stomach.  A small amount of protein (about the size of a deck of playing cards) would also be appropriate.  Protein will help you feel fuel longer and minimize the potential for a sugar crash from eating a large amount of carbohydrate

  • 3 Hours Out until Workout-be sure to keep sipping on your water bottle and stay hydrated. Dehydration, especially now that summer is here, can affect both performance during both endurance and strength training.

  • Within 1 Hour-You want to limit intake to foods that are easily digestible, fruit, applesauce or anything that you can tolerate during exercise.  What you tolerate varies widely so be sure to listen to your body and how it reacts to certain foods.


Stay Strong,