Finding a Running Group

When you’re just getting into running or you have been running for awhile and find your motivation waning, joining a local running group or club may be just what you need.  Most communities have several different options to choose from.  Which one is best for you will depend on several key factors:

What type of runners are in the group?  Do their skill levels/goals align with yours?

How often do they meet?

Does the time that they meet work for your schedule?

Are you allowed to join for a trial run to see if it works for you?

The best place to start looking for a good group that fits your needs is at a local running store.  Most stores host their own, sponsor a local club or know how to put you in contact with the ones in the area.  There are also several national clubs that host local chapters within a community (Road Runners Club of America is a popular one).

Several athletic clothing apparel companies try to either support a local company or host their own.  If you have a Lululemon or Athleta store close by then very likely they host a weekly group.  

Nowadays, social media is a great resource.  When I first transitioned from road to trail running, I took to Facebook to start looking for other people in the area that could help me.  After reaching out to someone I knew ran trail a little here and there, they informed me of a Facebook group specifically for trail runners across the Wasatch Front.  Once I joined that group, I was able to ask questions, find group runs and ultimately connect with a small group that runs several days/week in my same county.  

 Tailwinds, Coach K