Recovery In 3 Stages

Snack + Fluid (0-30 min). Carbohydrate & 10-15g protein.

Examples: PB&J, Fruit and yogurt, chips and salsa/guac, sport bar or recovery mix. Chocolate milk or your own smoothie creation all work well too.

  1. Meal + Fluid (next 1-2 hrs). Balance carbs, lean proteins, low fats. 
    Examples: Pasta with tomato sauce, veggies & chicken, a turkey and veggie sandwich, crackers with hummus & fruit, or a stir-fry with rice, veggies, & lean protein

  2. Snack + Fluid (within 3 & 4 hrs) Carbohydrate & 10-15g protein.
    Examples: another round of a snack that sounds good that can be similar to the ideas from stage 1. Listen to your body… If you crave sugar, have some fruit and nuts. If you crave salt, then the chips and salsa will hit the spot.

Recovery nutrition is important for combatting fatigue early in workouts. If you are feeling heavy legs, decreased concentration, thirst, dry mouth/skin, lack of motivation, or if you get ill or injured frequently, you are likely not recovering well.

By Breanne Nalder, MS, RDN
PLAN7 Endurance Coaching Dietitian and Nutrition Coach