Ten Tips for Fat Loss

As often happens after over-indulging over the holiday season, we want to start the new year off on a healthier footing.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Write it down: Research and my own experience has shown that athletes who record their food intake for 3 days are more likely to be successful.

  • Front load your calories:  Larger meals earlier in the day tend to keep you from consuming too many calories at night.

  • Eat slowly: It takes your brain 20 minutes to realize your full.  Eating slower can help reduce the number of calories you take in.

  • Enjoy your favorite foods: All of the foods we love can be a part of a healthy diet, just be sure to budget your calories to make room.

  • Avoid temptation:  Try hanging out somewhere other than the kitchen where food isn’t as readily available.

  • Keep a list of non-food activities that you can do when you are bored, tired or hungry:  We often turn to eating for reasons other than hunger, and that’s ok, but if you are trying to lose fat eating out of sheer boredom can hurt your progress.

  • Develop a realistic eating plan: If you know your day is going to be extra busy, then plan ahead.  Make extra at dinner the night before and take
    leftovers with you.  Take advantage of your slower days to get ahead with your nutrition.

  • Schedule your exercise times in your planner:  Make an appointment with yourself, just like you would any client.

  • Go to bed:  Not getting enough sleep tones down the nervous impulse to stop eating and amplifies the signal to eat more.

  • Visualize:  Positive self-talk and visualization can increase the odds of your goal becoming reality.

Stay Strong,